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*NSFW* this blog is only intended for adults only (18 and older) for sharing our amateur photos. feel free to share and repost anything you like :)

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hotformature asked: Damn you guys are both so fucking hot! May I reblog your pics?

Thank you, of course you can x

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Anonymous asked: Curious. I'm just wonder if amongst the pictures you've uploaded if you've also got any videos around as well?

We have but we’re unable to post them on tumblr, you’re quite welcomed to send us something though and we’ll return the favour. Hornyamateurcouple@gmail.com x

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This is another set from Carnaval Court. This was in 2008. The gal in the green t-shirt is Spring and she is a wild one as you can tell. Moment was commando and Spring decided to take advantage of that, right there in the middle of a crowded bar! The girls caused quite a stir. lol

So hot

We don’t normally reblog photos (only submissions) but this is brilliant, we love it ;0)

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