Horny Amateur Couple

*NSFW* this blog is only intended for adults only (18 and older) for sharing our amateur photos. feel free to share and repost anything you like :)

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couplesadventuresxxx asked: Not a question, but y'all are hot as fuck!!

Thank you, loving your blog. We’re your newest followers!

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Anonymous asked: Favorite position of all time??

For her cowboy, for me either being pegging while being wanked off or reverse cowboy (I can’t decide!)

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dirtymanatwork asked: I fucked my wife in a fashion similar to your ever wonderful blogs the other night.!!😜 I came down her throat like a train..!! She says thankyou for your blogs, loves your arse fuck picis.x

You’re both welcome ;0) x

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Anonymous asked: I love your guys blog. Super sexy. But I got a question, I am seeing a guy and we enjoy sending dirty pics. I was wondering if you could give me some pointers. I am curvy and want to be able to get the perfect shots for him but not sure how to.

We’re far from professional bloggers or photographers, but what what works for us is that we take lots of photos (sometimes 100’s) over a night. Then we go through them together and decide on the best ones that we’re both happy with. You could also post your sexy texts, personally I really love these. Let us know your blog name and we’ll look forward to seeing your postings, if you fancy sending us something to post anonymously we can can do that as well x