Horny Amateur Couple

*NSFW* this blog is only intended for adults only (18 and older) for sharing our amateur photos. feel free to share and repost anything you like :)

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nibbyman asked: All I can say is your one hell of a lucky man to be to fuck such an amazing sexy lady! Well done!!! Now if you ever need another to help you out tag me in!!!

Thank you, but I think I’ll be able to manage thanks ;0)

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bootyfullwifey asked: love your stuff, keep up the great work!

Thank you, we will. We love tumblr x

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hendrixfan1965 asked: Great pics can I repost your shots on my blog?

Absolutely, we love it when you reblog our photos :0) X

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qwertyxxx3 asked: You're blog is incredibly sexy and it always gives me an awesome end to my day ;) and I'd love to see some more gifs of maybe cumshots

Gifs are in the post. If only I managed to get to the point of taking a cum shot. Normally we’ve given up on those by the end :0)

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whatiitisis asked: Holy shit! You are beautiful! Thanks for sharing your beautiful face - and pussy!

Thank you and you’re welcome x